Styling Womens Boots for Occasions

Womens Boots

As fall quickly approaches, winter will follow shortly afterward. This means that it’s time to put away the sandals and open-toed heels. It’s time to exchange the summer shoes for boots and loafers. As you prepare your fall wardrobe, there are so many ways that you can style women’s boots and make them a versatile staple in your wardrobe.

How to Style Women’s Boots for Various Occassions

1. Hanging Out with Friends
If you decide to hang out with a few of your closest girlfriends for a movie night, resist the temptation to look disheveled. Even though you might be an enjoying a weekend meet-up, it’s important to remember your appearance. Besides, it’s really easy to look chic and comfortable at the same time. Put on a pair of faux leather leggings. These types of leggings tend to look really glamorous yet they provide a significant amount of stretch. Add a flowy top for some comfort. Pull the hair back into a chic bun or ponytail. Add a lovely necklace, and throw on a pair of comfortable women’s boots from that come up to the ankles. In addition to a fun bag and some cute makeup, you’ll easily pull off the comfortably chic look.

2. Heading to Church
If you’re heading to church, it’s nice to dress up according to the culture. In some church cultures, suits, dresses and large hats are standard. In other churches, ripped jeans and sneakers are totally acceptable. Dress as you feel most comfortable. A great way to find a middle ground involves the use of high-heeled women’s boots that come up to your knees. These types of women’s boots make such a loud statement and don’t need much accentuation. You can add a comfortable sweater dress or a top and skirt for a full look.

3. Running Errands
Whether you’re taking time out to head to the post office or get some grocery shopping done, it’s always beneficial to look great in the process. Plus, you never know when you’ll run into someone you want to impress. Knowing this, throw on a baseball cap and a pair of hoop earrings. Add a bold coat of lipstick and some mascara to your face. Put on a nice button-up blouse, and add a cardigan with it. Pair this with your most comfortable black yoga pants. Add some women’s boots to the mix, and you’ll be good to go. When you’re running around, it’s nice to keep your hands free so wear a bookbag or cross-body purse.

4. Heading to the Gym
If you’re headed to the gym in the early morning hours for a great workout, you probably will feel a little groggy and tired. However, when you look good, you’ll feel even better. Put on your workout pants, a T-shirt and a sweatshirt to go on top. Sneakers are great for working out. However, you don’t want to get them dirty. Put on a pair of women’s boots to make the look polished, learn more at Plus, you can change out of your women’s boost into your sneakers once you’re at the gym.

Brand House Direct Plentiful Choices

Brand House Direct and Plentiful Shoe Choices


Ecommerce is an extremely competitive universe in this day and age. Businesses the world over battle it out with each other over winning the affections of customers everywhere. There are many ecommerce businesses that cover the fashion sector as well. Australia’s Brand House Direct is just one of them. Brand House Direct is without a doubt an example of an online shop that does ecommerce the correct way. Consumers all throughout the vast nation of Australia appreciate it for many sensible reasons. Brand House Direct has been giving fashion-conscious footwear lovers access to high-quality shoes for quite a while. Its horizons aren’t restricted to footwear, either. People who visit the Internet shop can browse some excellent choices in accessories.

Brand House Direct knows the importance of selection. Customers these days are choosy. They don’t like being limited in any way. They often associate limitations with shopping in person. They frequently associate “endlessness,” on the other hand, with online shopping. This store presents customers with at least 80 options in respected shoe brands. It gives people a healthy mix of brands that originate in all sections of the world, too. People who are familiar with brands that hail from North America can depend on the shop. People who know a lot about brands that hail from Australia can depend on it, too. Some of the many diverse brands that are part of the shop are Skechers, Isabella Brown, Asics, Jiffies and Nike. The team behind this shop works hard to give shoppers as many choices as possible.

Brand House Direct’s footwear appeals to all kinds of audience members. It appeals to people who are all about footwear offerings that are rather simple and understated. It appeals to people who are all about footwear options that are rather stylish and eye-catching, too. If you’re on the lookout for shoes that you can wear for a big career fair that’s in your future, the shop can help you out. If you’re on the lookout for low-key shoes that you can wear any time you need to manage daily responsibilities around your neighborhood, the shop can help you out, too. This is a retailer that takes a lot of pride in its versatility. It works with shoe brands that are known for sophistication and refinement. It also works with shoe brands that are known for pure athleticism and sportiness.

Brand House Direct has a grasp of superb customer service that’s pretty rare nowadays, too. Brand House Direct knows that customers in the modern era can be pretty fickle. They can change their minds at the drop of a hat. That’s the reason the store stresses customer service that’s warm, detail-oriented, prompt and dependable. That’s the reason customers make the decision to keep coming back for shoes of all styles. Brand House Direct is a business that takes customer happiness 100 percent seriously.

People who crave shoes that are well designed and powerful often visit this store. This store’s choices in footwear never remain the same.

Brand House Direct Footwear Family

Brand House Direct Footwear Family

Who doesn’t love to shop for shoes? Okay, so maybe going from store to store looking for a particular shoe can get tiresome, but shopping online for footwear is easy at Brand House Direct. As Australia’s preferred online store for Kid’s, Women’s and Men’s shoes you are sure to find the styles you want at a great price.

The online store carries over 45 top brands and 5000 products from shoes, boots, sandals, heels, athletics and more. With over 30 years experience in the footwear industry, the team at Brand House Direct knows about customer satisfaction. Featuring a large selection of 100% authentic brands of men, women, and kids footwear, you can shop for your whole family from the comfort of your home or office. Or just treat yourself to that killer pair of heels you have been wanting.

Browsing through the site is quick and easy. The Brand House Direct online store has easy to locate tabs, displaying your selection of men’s, women’s or children’s shoes and accessories quickly. Narrow your search with extra filters like size, color, and brand. The shopping experience is enjoyable with such an easy to navigate online store. If you are looking to save even more off of Brand House Direct’s great prices, click on the clearance tab and grab some real bargains.

Are you in need of special shoes for the workplace? Whether you need steel-toe or slip resistant shoes, or comfortable shoes for those on their feet all day, Brand House Direct carries over 90 styles of occupational shoes just for women. These shoes are from the top brands in footwear like Skechers, Dr. Martens, Planet Shoes, Rockport, King Gee, and Clarks to name a few. What is even better than the comfortable fit of this footwear is the great styling with some fun color options. No one ever said your work shoes need to be boring. The men aren’t left out with over 110 styles from brands like Timberland, Wolverine, Dunlop, Keen and more.

Australian’s love their boots. At Brand House Direct the women have over 500 styles from which to pick. From ankle boots to knee-high, in suede or leather, there are just too many cute pairs to choose from. If you want to keep your feet warm and dry choose a pair of fleece-lined boots for indoor and outdoor use so you can stay comfortable when it is cold outside. The men have over 180 products to choose from in the boot category, from fashionable to functional. They also have an amazing selection of hiking boots for men and women perfect for your next weekend campout.

With new styles appearing regularly and great deals always occurring in the clearance section, checking in to Brand House Direct frequently keeps you up to date with the happenings in the store so you don’t miss out on any deals. You can feel confident buying from an Australian company that offers quick shipping, a 30-day return policy, and great customer service.

Main Heights Of Womens Boots

Three Main Heights of Womens Boots


There are endless styles of women’s shoes and within each category, those styles can be broken down further. Womens boots for example, run the gamut of being functional to fun, flat to heeled, and loose to tight. Additionally, boots can vary by height. Within women’s boots, the main heights are ankle, calf or knee and over-the-knee.

Ankle boots offer a casual look that is perfect for transition seasons, especially fall. This style of womens boots is often found in suede. There are styles that either grip the ankle snugly or provide space around that area, which allows for pants to be tucked in. This height of women’s boots is commonly found with a flat or short thick heel. That type of sturdy, functional heel makes ankle boots a suitable choice for traveling or walking.

Calf or knee-high boots are usually grouped together. The height rises to the mid-calf or just under the knee. These boots can serve as both a casual and dressy shoe option. The style comes in several textures with leather being a popular choice. Like ankle boots, this type of women’s boots can be found with a flat or short heel, though stiletto options are popular, as well. Mid-calf boots are made snug or with space around the opening. Most frequently, this boots with a tighter fit around the leg are made with a zipper. The zipper makes them easier to put on and remove while maintaining the fit. For those with a thicker calf, it is imperative to check the calf width before purchasing women’s boots at this height. This style has the added bonus of covering more of the leg than the ankle boots, keeping the legs warmer and making them a good choice for both fall and winter.

Over-the-knee boots can be dressy or flirty. There are styles that can appear casual, but this boot height generally carries a bit of sass. Frequent texture options include suede, leather, and patent leather. Flat heels are available, though higher heels are more commonly found. As with both ankle and calf height boots, these boots vary in tightness and some styles can be tied to adjust the fit around the lower or upper thigh. Boots at this height can come just over the knee or extend up to the thigh. Petite ladies should take a close look at shaft heights when purchasing these online.

Different heights of women’s boots can convey a range of moods and apply to any dress code. How the boot looks on each woman is dependent on the height of the woman wearing them.

Buying Brand House Direct Clothes

Buying Brand House Direct Clothes 

Bitter Chocolate

Buying clothes for many people means finding the best deals and steals for their favorite name brands. However, this can be a difficult process for some. With Brand House Direct, consumers can easily find their favorite brands, find great deals, and get the clothing they want without having to fork over an arm and a leg to get them. Plus, it takes much less time.

Their Offers

Brand House Direct is an online shopping place that offers consumers, like you and me, the chance to purchase name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories for a fraction of the price. They currently sell more than 45 of the hottest brands, and they have over 5,000 items in their inventory for you to shop through right now. It is like a one-stop shopping place right online where you can find great clothes from the best brands in Australia.

Shopping with Them

If you choose to shop with Brand House Direct, you will be getting a shopping experience of a lifetime. They have only the best reassurance and security since they are an Australian owned and based company. Their branded products are 100-percent authentic, and they have a secure place where consumers anywhere can shop and find things they love right on their online shopping place.

They have quick shipping to various places worldwide, and you can upgrade to priority shipping if you need for just a small cost. This shipping upgrade only applies to Australian consumers. The products include a 30 day return policy of no hassles, which means if something doesn’t work, you have 30 days to return it without any issues. If there are issues with a product or the website, the customer service at Brand House Direct is impeccable. They make their customer service their top priority to ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience from start to finish.

Sizing and Payment

Brand House Direct has included a handy conversion chart for the various sizes. This means that if you are buying internationally, you can convert to your size right in the chart. They want to ensure that you get the right size you need from the very beginning, but if you don’t they have an incredible return policy.

Brand House Direct accepts several forms of payment online. You can use your debit card, credit card, or you can even use your PayPal account. Since PayPal is noted to be one of the most secure payment methods out there, this assures customers that this company is the real deal.


If you like name brand clothing, but you just hate those high prices, Brand House Direct is the place to get the brands you love for a fraction of those prices. An Australian company, this shopping place online is ideal for getting great clothing without any hassles. They have much to choose from as well, so there is a little something for everyone.

Finding Perfect Brand House Direct Shoes

Finding Perfect Brand House Direct Shoes

Asics GT-3000 2 Mens Cushioned Running Shoes (2E Wide) Width

We all need to work for a living and, for some of us, that requires mandated work boots. As you have probably figured out, not all boots are created equal. Therefore, finding a work boot from Brand House Direct that is structurally sound and comfortable to wear most of the day is a must to ensure you can stay on your feet.

The first step you need to take when deciding on the right work boot for your job is to talk with your HR department or your foreman. If boots are a minimum requirement for your job, it’s likely there are specific safety requirements they must have. For example, boots with steel toes may be required for your job. These are specifics you want to be aware of before you start looking for boots at Brand House Direct.

The next thing you want to consider when picking out boots from Brand House Direct is the environment in which you will be working. Will you be outside in the elements? If so, you will likely want to invest your money in a waterproof pair of boots. The environment in which you will be working will help you to decide on what specific necessities you’ll need to ensure that any potential pair of boots has them.

When looking for work boots from Brand House Direct, you want to pay close attention to the soles. There are a number of different tread patterns that can make the difference between a superior hold and a slip on the ground. Specific soles, such as TPU outsoles are made to be abrasion and chemical-resistant. This will allow them to last longer in specific working conditions. These are factors you want to take into account when deciding on the proper sole for your next pair of work boots from Brand House Direct.

The next thing you want to look at in work boots is their height. There are ankle boots, mid shin boots, and knee-high boots. Each of these has their own benefits depending on the field in which you are working. You should take into account both your working environment and your comfort level. If your job doesn’t require you to have taller boots, you may prefer to get ankle boots because you like the mobility. If you’re on your feet all day long, you may prefer the knee-high boots as they provide more structural support.

The type of work boots that you decide to buy from Brand House Direct should be one of necessity and comfort. You should be taking all the above factors into consideration when making your decision. This will ensure your feet will be properly protected from any working hazards while at the same time providing you with some necessary comfort.

Places to Acquire Mens Shoes

Sorting Out the Bountiful Places to Acquire Mens Shoes

Shoe shopping has become very prevalent online. People that are looking for a certain type of shoe no longer have excuses because they can purchase just about anything that they would like to buy online. Men that live in certain cities may not be able to find shoes that they are looking for in physical stores, but they always have the alternative to acquire different mens shoes online. What many consumers will notice when they buy mens shoes is that there are some that are much more expensive than others. This is usually the case when men are looking for dressy mens shoes. There are some top name leather designers that have quality shoes, but men can expect to pay a lot more for certain shoes if they are looking for a certain brand names. P shoes that are available through the Kenneth Cole collection are among some of the best choices for people that are interested in shoes.

Kenneth Cole is a designer that is typically going to be connected to business-minded professionals that are looking for Mens Shoes from Brand House Direct that fit their dressy attire. There are also going to be people that are interested in athletic shoes. For this it is going to be easy for people to consider the top names like Adidas and Reebok when it comes to training shoes. Any man that is looking for mens shoes for basketball or running will typically go with Nike or New Balance. These are going to be the mens shoes that are of high quality that can be presented for men that are trying to work out. There are an abundant number of flavors of mens shoes for consumers to consider. There are cross-training shoes that are available, and there are also shoes that come in the form of high tops and low tops. The reality is that men have a lot of choices to make when it comes to the shoes that they put on their feet. Men shoes are sold in many stores like Shoe Carnival, Foot Locker, Shoe Station and Sears. This is where many men may go to find shoes in their local areas. These are also websites to shop online for mens shoes.

Some consumers may go specifically to the website of the brand they’re interested in. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Kenneth Cole and Rockport are all major shoe websites that have a wide assortment of different styles that people can consider. There are patrons that buy mens shoes that stick to a certain brand. They may not be interested in any shoes from other brands aside from the ones that they patronize. This is why many people go specifically to certain shoe apparel website like Nike when they’re looking for men’s shoes. They don’t have any interest in viewing any shoes that are not designed by the companies that they have become accustomed to. The rise of the sales in mens shoes has definitely increased with more e-commerce shopping opportunities for men to consider.

JM33 Viking Mens Lace Up Dress Shoes

Story Behind Mary Jane Shoes

The Often Unknown Story Behind Mary Jane Shoes

People often lose track of the origin of popular clothes, sayings, clichés, and virtually everything in human culture. It’s not because people don’t care — stories often go untold, and this sentiment rings true with Mary Jane shoes, a style of shoe characterized by their being open around the ankle, having a closed toe, and featuring one strap across the top of the shoe.

Pretty much every child in the United States wore these shoes between the 1920s and 1940s, although children grew out of them quickly once they became older. Adult women used to wear this shoes, too, although the timeline of who wore them and how is discussed a little later on.

Long-running newspaper the New York World featured a comedian and animator named Richard Felton Outcault on the publication’s staff, whose name was often shortened to R. F. Outcault. He had a regular comic strip named Buster Brown started in 1902 that featured co-star Mary Jane. Both Buster and his friend Mary Jane wore the same type of shoe on each installment of the hilariously popular comic strip.

Mr. Outcault was a popular, well-received comic and animator, hailed as the “Father of the Sunday Comic Strip” by many textbooks, encyclopedias, and other historical sources. As such, he was popular in the first decade of the 20th century. Mr. Outcault received more attention and outpourings of interest for the Mary Jane-related comic than any other comic of his. A lot of people said they liked both of their shoes, to which the famous animator made use of.

R. F. Outcault went to the World Fair, held in St. Louis, Missouri that year, and sold the rights to a couple hundred companies and manufacturers that wanted to produce those same, exact shoes. With such competition producing and marketing the shoes all around the United States, consumers saw many pairs of these shoes, soon to be called BHD Mary Jane Shoes. Somehow, the average American didn’t get tired of the footwear, allowing it to reside as a cultural staple in the country.

At the time, Mary Jane shoes were just starting to be popular, soon to catch a foothold as to how they fitted in with style and fashion. Men wore them just as much as women directly after their release, with more women than men wearing them in the 1920s. Just ten years later, fashion in the United States shifted away from men and boys wearing Mary Jane shoes, becoming reserved for women.

Within 20 years after Mary Jane shoes became popular for women to wear, adults started abandoning them altogether. As men and boys were long out of the Mary Jane shoes equation at this time, female children became the number one wearer of Mary Jane shoes.

Mary Jane shoes started out on Sunday comic book characters. They soon garnered the interest of manufacturers, pumping them out in mass fashion. Mary Jane shoes today are worn in formal attire by young girls, usually when going to school, church, weddings, and other formal gatherings.

Best Sandals Online

How to Buy the Best Sandals Online

Summer is a great time for enjoying the outdoors and making fun memories with family, but not if you’re constantly worried about tired, sweaty feet. By purchasing a high quality pair of sandals online, you can find the perfect footwear to enjoy summer without spending a lot of time trying on shoes in a store. Follow these tips to make your shopping quick and easy.

Choose the Right Retailer

First, when you’re looking to purchase sandals online, it is important that you select the right retailer. Different online retailers cater to different customer demographics. If you are looking to purchase hiking sandals online, look for a retailer that specializes in serving customers with an active lifestyle. If you are looking to purchase luxury fashion sandals online, then look for a retailer that carries high end fashion designers. You will also want to check into the retailer’s reputation to make sure they are a reputable business. If you shop at an established business that has a lot of customers, this is relatively easy to do by checking online reviews. Sometimes when you’re shopping at smaller online retailers, this can be difficult, since there may be limited customer reviews available. If no reviews are posted online, then check to see if the retailer is registered with any consumer protection groups, or if you can pay with a service that offers buyer protection, such as PayPal.

Look for Quality

When you are looking to purchase Brand House Direct Womens Sandals online, look for a brand that offers good quality for the price. Cheap prices are wonderful, but not if the sandals you purchase only last for a day or two. You can make sure you’re purchasing a quality product by choosing a brand you’ve already had a positive experience with, or looking for online customer reviews. Many fashion blogs now rate various brands for their quality, so a simple Google search may make it possible to research a particular brand.

womens sandals online

Filter Search Results

Finally, when you are shopping for sandals online, you can cut down on the time your search will take by choosing appropriate filters for your search results. Many online retailer’s sites have menus that make this extremely easy. You can filter by criteria such as price range, style, size, and brand to quickly narrow down your search results, making it even easier for you to find the right sandals.

If you are shopping for sandals online, remember the tips above to make the process quick and easy. Following these tips will allow you to find the perfect pair of sandals online so you can stay out of the mall and get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather.

Sandals Online

Sandals Online

It’s time to strap on some sassy summer sandals. Show off your brand new pedicure with a great T-strap or jeweled flats style. There is an easy way to find fantastic sandals for summer – online shopping.

Womens sandals shopping offers you thousands of shoes in styles, colors and sizes to fit your feet, your fancy, and even your budget. Shopping online also allows you to browse multiple stores without having to walk, find parking or fight the crowds. Specialty shoes in wider widths, larger or smaller sizes and unique colors are also available online. Many of these options are not readily available in a brick and mortar store.

Some people will worry that online shopping will not give them the best prices. That is false. When a sale is going on in your favorite store, it is also going on in the online store. Sometimes a sale will go on online even when there is no sale happening in the store. Also, you can find great coupons to use online to save even more money when you purchase your favorite pair. Many sandals online can be delivered for free when you purchase a minimum amount.

womens sandals online

Great selection, fantastic prices and ease-of-shopping are making online shopping the new and easy way to find the ‘just right’ sandals you want at the prices you need. Open up that laptop, hop into your recliner and start sandal shopping. There is no need to get out of your pajamas or fix your hair.

When you have found the right pair, pull out your credit or debit card, or link to your PayPal account for safe and convenient payment. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, your purchase will be completed. Get same-day shipping, ship your purchase to the nearest store for pick-up, or choose the regular shipping and wait a few days for your package to arrive. Online shopping means you get exactly what you want, when you want it. Maybe you need those shoes by tomorrow for an unexpected date. You could need the shoes next week for a wedding. Sometimes it pays to pay the extra for overnight shipping. Sometimes your schedule will allow you to wait (impatiently) for your shoes to arrive.

With online sandal shopping, finding your next pair of great summer shoes is as easy scrolling through your phone, picking a great pair, and paying for them – all online! Get started with your online sandal shopping today.