Main Heights Of Womens Boots

Three Main Heights of Womens Boots


There are endless styles of women’s shoes and within each category, those styles can be broken down further. Womens boots for example, run the gamut of being functional to fun, flat to heeled, and loose to tight. Additionally, boots can vary by height. Within women’s boots, the main heights are ankle, calf or knee and over-the-knee.

Ankle boots offer a casual look that is perfect for transition seasons, especially fall. This style of womens boots is often found in suede. There are styles that either grip the ankle snugly or provide space around that area, which allows for pants to be tucked in. This height of women’s boots is commonly found with a flat or short thick heel. That type of sturdy, functional heel makes ankle boots a suitable choice for traveling or walking.

Calf or knee-high boots are usually grouped together. The height rises to the mid-calf or just under the knee. These boots can serve as both a casual and dressy shoe option. The style comes in several textures with leather being a popular choice. Like ankle boots, this type of women’s boots can be found with a flat or short heel, though stiletto options are popular, as well. Mid-calf boots are made snug or with space around the opening. Most frequently, this boots with a tighter fit around the leg are made with a zipper. The zipper makes them easier to put on and remove while maintaining the fit. For those with a thicker calf, it is imperative to check the calf width before purchasing women’s boots at this height. This style has the added bonus of covering more of the leg than the ankle boots, keeping the legs warmer and making them a good choice for both fall and winter.

Over-the-knee boots can be dressy or flirty. There are styles that can appear casual, but this boot height generally carries a bit of sass. Frequent texture options include suede, leather, and patent leather. Flat heels are available, though higher heels are more commonly found. As with both ankle and calf height boots, these boots vary in tightness and some styles can be tied to adjust the fit around the lower or upper thigh. Boots at this height can come just over the knee or extend up to the thigh. Petite ladies should take a close look at shaft heights when purchasing these online.

Different heights of women’s boots can convey a range of moods and apply to any dress code. How the boot looks on each woman is dependent on the height of the woman wearing them.

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